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Indian Lunch Melbourne

Indian Lunch Melbourne Discover Docklands’ Finest at Gaylord

Melbourne boasts a plethora of culinary experiences to explore when it comes to Indian cuisine. Indian lunch in Melbourne offers a delightful journey through this culturally rich country's diverse flavours and traditions. Gaylord’s Indian Restaurant is the perfect destination for an exceptional gastronomic adventure. Located at 33 Spencer Street, within the Grand Hotel Melbourne, Gaylord has established itself as a premium spot for those seeking an authentic and mouthwatering Indian lunch Melbourne experience.

Explore the vibrant and diverse flavours of Indian cuisine, a heritage as ancient as time itself. Each bite is a journey through history and innovation, from the fiery spices of the North to the subtle aromas of the South. Gaylord, in Docklands, brings this rich heritage to life in the most exquisite way.

An Array of Indian Food Lunch

Gaylord offers a delightful gastronomic journey through its lunch offerings. The dishes are prepared with traditional recipes and spices, providing an authentic experience that will tantalise your taste buds. Customers rave about the Tandoori Chicken Salad - succulent chicken seasoned with tandoori spices served on a bed of fresh rocket, quinoa, baby gem lettuce, and truss tomatoes. This salad is a satisfying and protein-rich entree that captures the essence of Indian cuisine in every mouthful.

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If you're looking for a delectable mix of flavours and textures, try the Eggplant Chaat. This dish features crispy slices of eggplant served alongside roasted tomatoes, tamarind, mint, and a delightful strawberry chutney that tantalises your taste buds. It's the perfect combination of crispy and tangy, with a hint of sweetness that takes the experience to the next level. And if you're in the mood for something hearty and indulgent, the Gobi Kofta is a true game-changer. Imagine fluffy cauliflower and cheese dumplings smothered in a creamy korma sauce with a perfect blend of spices. When paired with fragrant Jerra Rice, basmati rice tempered with cumin, it's a comfort food lover's dream. These dishes are just a tiny taste of the fantastic delights that await you at Gaylord, your gateway to an authentic Indian food lunch experience.

The Allure of Indian Food: More than Just a Meal

There's something exceptional about immersing yourself in the experience of an Indian lunch in Melbourne. It's not just a meal but a savoury journey that combines the freedom to choose from a wide array of Indian lunch meals, an abundance of mouth-watering options, and the sheer joy of tasting delicious dishes. Gaylord, a renowned Indian restaurant, truly understands this sentiment. When you step inside, your taste buds become your compass, and the choices are endless. It's an experience that should be noticed by any food lover looking for a delicious lunchtime adventure.

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Gaylord's Indian restaurant is the place to go in Melbourne for an outstanding Indian lunch experience. Their Indian food lunch is a feast for the senses, with various dishes. Whether you're a brave foodie who loves to try new things or prefer the comfort of your favourite classics, Gaylord's has something for everyone. From spicy curries to aromatic biryanis, every dish is a masterpiece that captures the richness and diversity of Indian cuisine. So indulge your taste buds and make your next lunch a savoury affair at Gaylord's Indian restaurant.

Gaylord: More than Just an Indian Restaurant

Are you searching for an extraordinary culinary experience that will take your taste buds on a journey through the exotic flavours of India? As soon as you step inside Gaylord, you'll be transported to a world of classic and contemporary decor that pays homage to India's rich cultural heritage. Gaylord’s is perfect for delicious Indian lunch meals or a full dinner spread. The chefs at this Indian restaurant craft unforgettable dishes that showcase the very best of Indian cuisine. From the spicy and savoury curries to the flavourful biryanis and tandoori delights, you'll discover a mouth-watering selection of dishes that will leave you craving more. 

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Gaylord's Indian Restaurant has won various honours and recognitions for its beautiful atmosphere and creative prowess. Their Indian food lunch boast aromatic flavours that will delight your senses, while their grandiose buffet spread is a feast for the eyes. Dining at Gaylord is an exploration of culture, an adventure of flavours, and a tribute to the art of Indian cuisine. This restaurant is a testament to tradition meeting innovation, where authenticity reigns supreme. Food enthusiasts and connoisseurs will find Gaylord's Indian restaurant a must-visit destination.

Gaylord in Melbourne proves to be a shining testament to craftsmanship. It offers an authentic Indian ambience and lunch meals that will tantalise your taste buds.

Embark on a special journey and experience the magic of Gaylord by booking a table. Gaylord promises to exceed your expectations, whether you're a foodie seeking new flavours or a memorable dining adventure.

Don't wait any longer; book your table now and treat yourself to a delightful experience at Melbourne's top restaurant for Indian lunch!

*Please note that our menu items, ingredients, and drink selections may change occasionally; please use these recommendations as a general guide

Gaylord Indian Restaurant Gaylord is a fine dining restaurant located in The Grand Hotel on Spencer Street. The new Gaylord is well-created Indian fine dining, set up by Raj and DJ. This Melbourne restaurant aims to combine the mysteries and joys of the flavours from the Indian subcontinent.