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romantic Indian dining

Spice Up Your Date Night: Romantic Indian Dining at Gaylord’s

Famed for its enchanting aromas and a harmony of flavours, Indian cuisine sets the stage for a sensual dining spectacle at Gaylord's. As the fragrant notes of cumin, coriander, and garam masala waft through the air, they create a romantic Indian dining experience, subtly enhancing the romance of your special evening.

The allure doesn't stop with the scents and flavours. Indian cuisine's distinctive feature is its 'sharing-platter' concept. Picture passing small plates between you and your partner, a gesture that creates deeper bonds while indulging in various delicacies. Be it the savoury crispness of samosas, the succulence of tandoori kebabs, or the warm comfort of dal makhani, each finger-licking dish encourages sharing, invoking a sense of intimacy.

Incomparable in its variety, Gaylord Indian Restaurant offers a diverse range of dishes for every palate. From hearty meat dishes to abundant vegetarian options, our menu celebrates the authentic richness of Indian cuisine. Whether you prefer the mild creaminess of paneer tikka masala, the tantalising spices of lamb rogan josh or any Indian food for date night, we cater to your unique tastes.

Enhance your delicious meal by pairing it with our carefully selected wines. The right sip of wine elevates the myriad flavours of our dishes, complementing the enticing textures and spices integral to our menu.

Immerse yourself into a gastronomical odyssey at Gaylord's, where every bite echoes the passion of Indian culinary tradition while catering to your individual preferences. Experience the pleasure of falling in love, one shared dish at a time.

Why Indian Food is Perfect for a Date Night - a Menu for Lovebirds

Menu for Lovebirds

Indian cuisine, with all its flavours, aromas and enticing spectacles, creates a gastronomic symphony like no other. The maestros orchestrating this engrossing act at Gaylord Indian Restaurant are true artisans, dedicating themselves to infusing every dish with India's authentic flavours and aromas. They masterfully weave a tapestry of sensory impressions with each plate that not only tantalises the palate but also stokes the flames of a rich, sensual atmosphere, hence it is the perfect Indian food for date night. The generous platters served in appealing small plates aim to bring people together in a shared culinary moment, fostering a culture of shared joy and togetherness.

Variety is the spice of life, and Gaylord Indian Restaurant wholeheartedly adopts this philosophy. Their menu is a culinary journey through India, boasting an eclectic assortment of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The breadth and depth of choices promise a delectable experience for everyone, irrespective of dietary preferences or restrictions. Whether you lean towards the tempting richness of a lusciously cooked meat delicacy or gravitate towards the vibrant assortment of vegetarian concoctions, your cravings will be met with sophistication and creativity. This gastronomic haven even caters proficiently to the preferences of spice-adventurers and spice-avoiders alike.

A Toast to Harmony: the Wine and Beverage Selection at Gaylord Indian Restaurant

wine and beverage

At Gaylord, a romantic Indian dining restaurant, the interplay of wines and beverages with Indian meals extends beyond convention, painting a canvas as rich and diverse as India's culinary landscape. Their unique creations, like the Masala Tamarind and Gaylord’s Shikanji, are an experiential whirlwind awakening the senses and complementing a wealth of traditional and contemporary dishes.

Masala Tamarind, a complex yet captivating blend of tamarind, jaggery, earthy cumin seeds, piquant rock salt, and invigorating black pepper, weaves an exquisite tale of balance that proves to be an effortless companion to the aromatic plethora of Indian entrees. The pleasant acidity and sweetness cut through the rich flavours, while the peppery notes marry well with the inherent spice.

On the other hand, Gaylord's Shikanji, an enchanting concoction of roasted cumin, fresh lime, refreshing mint, exotic black salt, and tangy lemonade, is a delightful palette cleanser with a fizzy spicy punch, perfectly prepping your taste buds for the next flavorful bite.

The curation continues further. Their more extensive offerings are divinely refreshing, capable of filling the evening with the effervescence of merriment. These are not just beverages but well-thought-out elements that elevate the meal from a mere dining experience to a seamlessly choreographed flavour-laden ballet, making Gaylord Indian Restaurant a sanctuary for the true lovers of Indian cuisine and enriching beverages.

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Exquisite Indian Desserts and Sweet Endings

Indian desserts and sweet

The gastronomic journey at Gaylord's is not complete without savouring our delectable array of Indian desserts. Each sweet treat is a poetic ending to a flavorful symphony, turning the final course into a memorable delight that affirms the spirit of romance.

Our Gulab Jamun, a classic Indian dessert, is a tangible expression of sweetness. Undeniably alluring, these soft, spongy spheres soaked in light sugary syrup gratify the soul, encapsulating the warmth and richness of Indian culture. Indulge in this sweet marvel, signifying shared happiness—a tradition as timeless as love itself.

Take advantage of our Rasmalai, an intricate dessert featuring feather-light cheese dumplings steeped in a luscious cream sauce for something more sophisticated. Or satiate your senses with our Kesar Kulfi, a frozen dairy delight that unfolds in layers of textured creaminess with a hint of fragrant saffron threads. These desserts are not just delightfully sweet but also a sensory experience, marking the perfect punctuation to your romantic escapade.

As you embark on this sweet exploration, sharing dessert becomes more than a mere act. It symbolises mutual acceptance, a tender moment of togetherness and shared delight. At Gaylord's, every morsel, every taste, has the potential to bond hearts, turning an ordinary evening into a memorable testament of love.


Embarking on a culinary voyage at Gaylord's is more than just dining; it is an immersive experience of love relayed through the vibrant flavours and evocative aromas of Indian cuisine. Each delectable dish is a love note composed of a bouquet of spices and a symphony of textures, promising a sensual, captivating encounter.

Our sharing platter concept, an embodiment of connection and togetherness, further amplifies those precious moments spent with your partner. From the sensational bites of our main course to the seductive sweetness of our desserts, every shared taste elevates the language of romance.

Gaylord's creates an enchanting setting tailored for a memorable date night, each dish delightful, each moment imbued with tenderness. The invigorating rush of flavours, the intoxicating marriage of spices, and the heartfelt tradition in every dish are the ingredients of a perfect romantic evening.

We invite you to step into Gaylord's and indulge in a love affair with Indian cuisine, an experience beyond the palate and touching the heart. Let us accompany you on this gastronomic adventure as you build memories seeped in culinary wonder and shared love. Your table awaits at Gaylord's and, with it, an enchanting date night that promises an experience like no other. To book your table click here now!


*Please note that our menu items, ingredients, and drinks selections may change occasionally; please use these recommendations as a general guide.

Gaylord Indian Restaurant Gaylord is a fine dining restaurant located in The Grand Hotel on Spencer Street. The new Gaylord is well-created Indian fine dining, set up by Raj and DJ. This Melbourne restaurant aims to combine the mysteries and joys of the flavours from the Indian subcontinent.