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Indian catering

A Guide to Indian Catering in Melbourne Plan the Perfect Event

There are so many reasons to choose Indian catering in Melbourne. From the variety of dishes and flavours to the abundance of spices and herbs, every bite you take will taste amazing. You'll love it so much that you might even want to plan an event! We're here to help with tips on finding the perfect caterer for your next event or celebration.

Good Food is the Foundation of a Good Party

The quality of food is the foundation of a good party. It may be cliché, but it's true! If your guests enjoy their meal, they'll stay longer and have more fun than eating bland food or feeling sick from too-rich cuisine.

The best caterers in Melbourne understand this concept. They will ensure you get precisely what you want: delicious dishes made with fresh ingredients that complement each other perfectly--and keep people happy all night.

It's Easy to Find Indian Restaurants in Melbourne

Melbourne has a wide variety of Indian restaurants due to the popularity of Indian cuisine in the area. But how do you find a good catering company?

The best way is by asking around. To make an informed decision, it's recommended to read online reviews and seek opinions from friends with prior experience with the service. You can also check out websites like Eatability where people leave reviews on restaurants they've been to and what they thought about them.

When choosing an Indian restaurant for your event, make sure their menu offers plenty of options so everyone can find something they like (and feel free not to stick with traditional curries!).

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But Finding the Right Catering Partner Can Be Difficult

It would be best to find a caterer experienced in the event you want to host, whether an intimate dinner party or a large wedding reception. You also need to find a caterer with experience in serving the type of food you want to serve--if your guests are vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free (or some combination thereof), they'll expect their dietary restrictions to be respected by whoever is preparing their meal. Finally, it's essential that any Indian caterers Melbourne residents hire have flexibility: they should be able to adapt their menu based on any special requests from customers or guests at events like weddings and birthdays.

What Should You Look for When Hiring a Caterer?

When working with a caterer, you must take the time to find one that is experienced in catering Indian food. An excellent way to do this is by looking at their website and seeing if they have any testimonials or reviews from past events. It is advisable to avoid hiring individuals who lack creativity as they may not be competent enough to deliver a successful event.

Another thing that you should look for when hiring a caterer is whether they can provide you with a sample of their food so that you can taste-test it before making your final decision about which company will cater your next event!

Gaylord, the Best Indian Catering in Melbourne

If you're looking for the best Indian catering in Melbourne, look no further than Gaylord.

Located inside the Grand Hotel in downtown Melbourne, Gaylord boasts an exclusive, intimate dining room that can seat up to 40 guests. This stunning room on the ground floor provides maximum privacy as it can be curtained while offering a beautiful view.

Experience the rich flavours of our carefully crafted dishes while enjoying a warm and inviting atmosphere. Our conference room is one of Melbourne's finest capable of holding up to 40 people for a wide range of professional meetings, business presentations, buffets and events.

The menu at Gaylord is full of delicious options. You can find various Indian dishes, including butter chicken and chicken banjara. Butter chicken is a dish that comprises juicy chicken pieces that are cooked in a delicious and velvety tomato-based sauce. The chicken banjara is also a popular choice, comprising delicate pieces of chicken cooked in a spicy sauce with cashews and raisins.

Gaylord is also known for its Tandoori Chicken Salad. This dish features tandoori-roasted chicken, quinoa, rocket, truss tomatoes, and baby gem lettuce dressed in tandoori with mint chutney and yoghurt mayonnaise.

Our meeting room is supplied with inbuilt AV equipment such as a projector, sound system, conference calls, and large monitors and offers complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi internet.

This beautiful room on the ground floor offers maximum privacy with its curtains. It has an elegant design in a luxurious Indian style, making it perfect for private dinners or business meetings.

Why settle for less when you can have the best? Gaylord offers an extensive selection of dishes, catering to vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences. Their expert use of spices and flavours will surely delight and impress your guests. From classic favourites like butter chicken and basmati to specialties like chaat, Gaylord has something for everyone. Don't settle for ordinary catering; elevate your event with Gaylord's exceptional Indian cuisine.

Contact us today to book your catering and experience the best Indian food in Melbourne!

*Please note that our menu items, ingredients, and drinks selections may change occasionally; please use these recommendations as a general guide.

Gaylord Indian Restaurant Gaylord is a fine dining restaurant located in The Grand Hotel on Spencer Street. The new Gaylord is well-created Indian fine dining, set up by Raj and DJ. This Melbourne restaurant aims to combine the mysteries and joys of the flavours from the Indian subcontinent.